Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa not able to perform many of the day-to-day tasks? Is his or her mental state waning, resulting in greater reliance of loved ones? Family members left with the decision to place parents or grandparents in an assisted living facility or 24-hour senior home care, should view the benefits of home care service first.
1. One-on-One Care

Choosing 24-hour senior care results in a caregiver living with loved ones. Caregiver’s monitor patient actions closely. Senior home care Atlanta caregivers develop relationships with patients, enabling them to learn patient tendencies, physical and mental conditions.
2. Peace of Mind

24-hour senior care Atlanta provides peace of mind for family members. More than likely, loved ones left to care for aging parents or grandparents have responsibilities and families to support. A live-in caregiver lessons the burden of responsibility by accompanying patients to doctor appointments and simply being there all hours of the day/night.
3. Emergencies Tended to Immediately

“Ring…Ring…Ring..” The home phone sings in the wee hours of the morning. It is a phone call no one wants to receive, more so if a loved one, an elderly family member, lives alone. 24-hour senior home care enables caregivers to respond to accidents and emergencies quickly. In elderly care, time is the greatest resource and live-in caregivers save time and lives.