About Us

Taking care of our beloved senior citizens is of the highest priority. That being said, you may not be sure of whom to turn to when you are in need of senior care services in Atlanta—which is where Atlanta Senior Care Services can assist.

How We Can Help?

Our number one priority is improving and maintaining the quality of life for Atlanta senior citizens. This is why we work directly with a large network of community agencies dedicated to providing quality senior care services. These services are paid for by community organizations, so are available at no charge to you or your elderly friend or family member.

Why You Should Work With Us

There are many reasons to turn to Atlanta Senior Care Services when you are in need of either short-term or long-term senior care services, the most pertinent are highlighted below:

Personalized Care Plan

We approach each and every one of our clients individually, so that we can assess their unique needs. We use this knowledge to create a personalized care plan designed around ADLs and emotional, physical, and mental support.

Direct You To Your Local Resources

There are a multitude of senior care services available in the Atlanta area. If this is your first time navigating this process, you may not be sure where to begin. We will work with you to identify the local resources and senior living options to meet your beloved senior’s needs.

We Understand The Unique Needs That Come With Aging

As we age, our needs will change. For example, our mind may still be fully intact, but out body may not be able to perform as we desire. This change can be emotionally challenging for both the senior and their friends and family to accept. This is just one of the many changes that can come with aging, and we will help you to navigate these changing waters.

At Atlanta Senior Care Services, we are dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of life for Atlanta seniors by ensuring that you and your family are aware of the senior care services available to you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards, and we look forward to working with you and your family!