Abuse of any kind is appalling, furthermore, elder abuse is a very real issue plaguing nursing facilities and group homes. In-home senior care doesn’t rid elder abuse, but it mitigates the incidence of it occurring.
Bring Awareness

Five million senior citizens receiving care through a nursing facility, in-home senior care, group home or other programs are victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation, physical or mental abuse. Unfortunately, for every case reported, 25 go unreported. So, once a year, on June 15, the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEADD) is observed, to share knowledge and spread awareness of elder abuse.
Be Vigilant

Learn the signs of elder abuse. Observe loved ones receiving senior care, are they nervous, detached, fearful or sad, possibly more than usual? The signs are there but family members must be vigilant and piece together potential abuse.

When and Where to Report Elder Abuse

If elder abuse is suspected, contact the local Adult Protective Services or visit www.napsa-now.org/get-help/help-in-your-area. If an elderly person is in immediate danger or threatened, contact 911. Better to be safe than sorry. The proof of elderly abuse is not the responsibility of the individual reporting, that is the job of a professional. Contact the Eldercare locator at 1-800-677-116 for a specially trained operator