Ask the young generation his or her thoughts on the elderly and most will respond, “old and outdated”. Ask a family member responsible for caring or managing in-home senior care Atlanta or nationwide services for his or her loved one and they will respond, “exhausting and a whirlwind”.

Elderly people were young once. They cared for their mother or father or loved one. They contributed to society and the shaping of political and legal agendas many currently uphold. They were once you and me, and despite their contributions, many lose patience with them.

Elderly people deal with a myriad of physical, mental, sociological, spiritual and physiological issues. Many ingest prescription drugs to mitigate pain, only to birth dependence on another prescription. Mood swings are as common as breathing, where anger and depression consume their life.

Aging is no easy feat. Accepting physical limitations when the mind sees none, is the greatest challenge all will face.

So, before slamming the gavel on the actions of elderly people, those closest must shift paradigms and understand life is near its end for them.

If serenity and peace and acceptance of what is to come misses an elderly person, is that cause to disregard them as important people in society? Are elderly people, despite their living conditions of a nursing facility or in loving hands of in-home senior care, just taking up space?

Think about this, how will those you love and care for now, treat you when your time comes for dependence on them?