Food poisoning in senior care Atlanta or nationwide is a serious problem. The FDA states 48 million get sick from food poisoning each year, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die. Many of these are children and older adults.

Why Older Adults?

Older adults have weakened immune systems, not all but a large majority, this is expected. Vital organs such as the stomach, liver and kidneys slow processing the food intake, causing longer periods of time for food digest. In turn, toxins released into the bloodstream cause food poisoning. Additionally, older adults, in senior care, a nursing facility or assisted living more than likely will be on medication for a chronic condition, as a result, creating side effects and making older adults more susceptible to food poisoning.

Make Wise Food Choices

Patients in senior care are at the behest of caregivers, but family members and loved ones can ensure wiser food choices are made. Two key food groups containing harmful bacteria: uncooked veggies and fruits, and animal products (milk, eggs, cheese, shellfish and pre-packaged deli-type salads and sandwiches. Separate, clean, cook and chill to mitigate the incidence of bacteria. Invest a little more time storing, preparing and cooking to ensure the health of your loved one in senior care Atlanta or nationwide.