Who doesn’t want to look young, spry and full of energy? Despite the number on the driver’s license or AARP card, age is just a number. Adults in their 60’s often say, “I feel like I’m 20 years old. My mind tells me I can still do it, but my body just doesn’t react.”


Stay Mobile

“Gotta keep on truckin’.” Don’t stop moving. As senior citizens, it’s imperative to keep blood flowing to all extremities, more important, to the heart and mind. Walking, jogging, biking or running, all are aerobic exercises that stimulate cardio and fat burning zones, improving blood circulation and dexterity.


Routine Screenings and Checkups

Death is unavoidable. Chronic diseases as a senior citizen may be too late, but routine screenings and checkups can keep diseases from becoming debilitating. Additionally, experience and knowledge shared with children and grandchildren, can save generations to follow, the struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Monitor Food and Drink

This goes without saying, “You are what you eat.” The human body requires minerals, vitamins and nutrients, many gained from eating. Literacy regarding healthy eating is imperative to aging well. As the adage says, “Knowledge is power.”