More and more, seniors are choosing to live at home for as long as possible. While independence is essential for living a fulfilling life, many family members worry about their loved one’s well-being—which is where Iamfine can assist!

Noninvasive Solution Offering Peace Of Mind

The last thing you want to do is infringe upon your loved one’s privacy or independence, but you may worry about how they are doing on a daily basis. While you can of course visit, call, text, or email—we all get busy and may not be able to check-in on a daily basis.

By turning to Iamfine, you can schedule daily check-ins with your loved one, and receive an email notification confirming that they are ok. Your loved one can even leave a short voicemail so that you can hear the sound of their voice.

How Does Iamfine Work?

Iamfine takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and the daily check-ins can begin as soon as the following day. Most seniors prefer phone call check-ins to their registered phone, and all they have to do is call in daily—or wait until we call them. Then they can simply press “1” on their phone to complete the check-in process.

Tech savvy seniors can also check in electronically, via their computer or cell phone.

What If They Miss A Check-In?

As an active and independent senior, your loved one may forget to check-in for the day, or may miss our call when we attempt to check in—but no worries!

As soon as your loved one gets home, they can call to check-in.
They can send a text from their cell phone.
They can login to the Iamfine website to check-in.
They can wait for the next call, because Iamfine will call back every 15minutes until they answer!

Who Can Be Added To A Senior’s Care Circle?

The daily check-in can be emailed to up to 7 people the senior knows and trusts. This includes neighbors, friends, and family. Even out of state family members can be added to the care circle!

Iamfine is available to seniors in both the U.S. and the UK. Please visit iamfine today to sign up your independent senior today!