Long-Term Senior Care in Atlanta, GA

If your loved one’s needs have progressed to the point that they require round-the-clock nursing care—then it may be time for a long term care facility. Long term care facilities differ from the stereotypical image you may have of nursing homes, in that they are designed to ensure that everything from Activities of Daily Living, rehabilitation, and social and emotional care are a priority.

This means that your loved one will not be left in their room staring at the wall and waiting for the hours to pass, but they will be provided with opportunities for socialization and group events with their peers.

Long term care facilities are often the transition between the hospital and home after a surgery, stroke, or decline that leaves your loved one in need of physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.

If your loved one’s condition is not expected to improve, a long term care facility can become their new home—which is often the best choice for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Long term care is also appropriate for hospice and end of life care that is too skilled for family members to manage.

Not only are nurses available in long term care facilities, but all care is directed by a staff physician.