A time will come when a loved one, a parent, grandparent or family member will require a nursing facility or senior home care Atlanta or nationwide services. His or her physical and mental state will dictate whether in-home care or a nursing facility is sufficient. But at the end of the day, cost, out-of-pocket expenses is the driving force deciding which service to go with.

Elderly Care Costs

The cost to house and maintain an elderly patient varies according to service. In 2011, NPR.org, posted the following 2011 MetLife Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs:

  1. Nursing Home – average U.S. daily rate of $214
  2. Assisted Living – average U.S. monthly rate of $3,477
  3. In-home Senior Care Р average U.S. hourly rate of $21
  4. Adult Day Care – average U.S. daily rate of $70

Senior home care is costly and so are all of the options listed. If the in-home senior care option is chosen, payees must also look at the cost to house an elderly loved one, food, maintenance, prescriptions, everyday expenses and medical and dental insurance.
Financing senior home care is challenging for most. If a loved one served in the military longer than 90 days and received an honorable discharge, view the VA Long Term Care section to verify eligibility.